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Vibrant Glamour Sunscreen Cream SPF50


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Product Description

1.[Product name]:VIBRANT GLAMOUR Sunscrean Cream
2.[NET WT]: 1.75FL.OZ /50g
3.[Main ingredients]:Water,Titanium Dioxide,Ethylhexyl Salicylate,Bisabolol, Coco-glucoside, Coconut Alcoholl, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Methylparaben, Bis (Hydroxymethyl) Imidazolidyl Urea, Propyl Hydroxybenzoate.
4.[Feature]:SPF50+,PA+++,Superior Sun Protection
5.[Type]:Plant-based Skin Protection Sunscreen Cream
6.[Effect]: Natural ingredients for all-round UVA, UVB, blue light resistance,Whitening,Fading Spots,Moisturizing,
7.[Benefits]:Anti-aging,Uneven skin tone,Dark spots,
8.[Guarantee period]:36 months
9.[Suitable Age]:All Ages
10.[Skin Type]:All Skin Type,Ageing,Dry,Normol,Sensitive

Whitening Sunscreen Cream

Plant-based skin protection sunscreen
High level of sunscreen, skin caring and whitening

Sunscreen≥Anti-aging + Whitening + Repair

Skin spots, wrinkles and skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays of sunlight, computer radiation and urban light pollution
UVA also known as ultraviolet A, which can cause skin color spots, tanning and wrinkles
UVB also known as ultraviolet B rays, which can cause skin redness, sunburn, and peeling
Blue light causes skin sagging, dullness and spots

6 Advantages Vibrant Glamour Sunscreen

Whitening Sunscreen Double Certificationi

Customized Japanese High Active Formula

Combiine UVA,/UVB filters to deliver broad spectrum SPF 50 and antioxidants to protect skin from radicals

Whitening +Sun Protection Double Effect

Do not use "Vibrant Glamour|
The skin is dark and rough with obvious spots and fine lines
Insist on using"Vibrant Glamour|
The skin is delicate and firm,translucent and elastic.

High Level And Long Lasting Sunscreen

SPF50+,PA+++,12.5H Day Protection
Prevent Tanning
Long-term against UVB prevent redness and tanning
Prevent Sunburn
Blcok UVA,prevent sunburn and fine lines

Physical + Chemical Double Sun Protection

All- Round UVA,UVB,Blue Light Reisistance
Physical sun protection prevents direct contact with the skin by reflecting ultraviolet rays
Chemical sunscreens absorb and concert uv rays to avoid damaging the skin

Natural Ingredients Whitening Sun Protection

Titanium dioxide: strong UV blocking, prevent skin tanning, whiten and brighten skin

Ethylhexyl salicylate: increase ultraviolet rays protection, prevent ultraviolet to the skin tanning and sunburn
Bisabolol: soothing repair, moist and not dry, gentle without skin hurting
Xanthan gum
Improve dullness,repair aging caused by sun exposure,brighten skin tone

Science-Based And Experiment As Proof

99% of users agree with UV resistance and maximum lasting
97% of users agree with moist skin feelings and strong fluidity texture
98% of users agree with waterproof and sweat-proof
95% of users agree that it is refreshing and not greasy, suitable for sensitive skin

Moisturizing and Weightless

Before Use
Skin moisture value is 20.1%
After Use
Skin moisture value is 48.8%

Waterproof And Sweat Proof

Also having continuous sun protection effect in the water, isolate water droplets
Refreshing Not Greasy
Dust and other substance not easy to adhere to the skin, maintain a smooth and refreshing feeling

"0"Addition ,Sentive Skin is Also Applicable

No pigment
No syntheticdyes
No alcohol
No flavor
No mineral oil

Word Of Mouth Feedback

1. Strong liquidity when squeezed in the hand, milky liquid is very easy to apply. Natural whitening effect when apply to face, better effect than other brands of sunscreen cream. Not greasy and easy absorption, just pat the product on skin with a cotton pad without the need to use the makeup foundation, and the effect can be compared with other big-name brands.
2.I use the sunscreen when go to the beach to play. There is no tanning and sunburn at all. The texture is very refreshing, not sticky, and very moisturizing. Friendly to sensitive skin and using the sunscreen feels like a nursing SPA, reapplying after sun exposure can also cool down and repair the skin in time.


INGREDIENTS:Water,Titanium dioxide,Methoxycinnamate ethyl hexyl
esterCaprylic/caprictriglyceride,Polydimethylsiloxane, Diphenyl ketone-3,Ethylhexylsalicylate,Propylene qlycol Glycerol stearateCoco-alucoside.Coconut alcoholl,
Cetostearylalcohol,Magnesiumaluminum silicate,Xanthan qum,Bisabolol,Methylparaben,Bis(hydroxymethyl)imida- zolidyl urea,Propyl hydroxybenzoate,Serum
EFFICACY:2-In-1effectofskin concealer and sunscreen, moisturizing
and not greasy when use,effectively block the daily UV damage,protect theface,neck,arms and other skin,easy to use when going out every day, not greasy even if you apply a lot to the skin, make skin clear and transparent and feel like your second skin.
SKIN TYPES:All skin types,for oily skin,dry skin or sensitive skin
USAGE:Applysunscreenevenlyonyour skin and gently massage
until it is absorbed

Use Correctly Double The Effect

Step1: Take proper amount of this product after completing the basic facial skin care process, and smear it on the skin carefully and evenly
Step2: Apply an appropriate amount of VG whitening sunscreen to the fingertips, and apply it to the skin parts that need sunscreen
Tips for sunscreen use:  
Recommended to do proper skin care before using the product. After skin caring product is fully absorbed by the skin, gently and evenly apply the sunscreen to the parts that need sunscreen (face & body), and apply the follow-up cosmetics after the sunscreen dries.  


Q: Is sensitive skin available?
A: It is recommended that you smear a little on the inside of the wrist before the first use to observe whether the skin appears uncomfortable reactions. If the skin does not react abnormally, then you can use it.
Q: How is the waterproof effect of the product? Can we go swimming?
A: The sunscreen has both chemical and physical sun protection effect. It's hydrating and waterproof at the same time.
Q: Will this sunscreen appear fake white or ball up?
A: This product contains A variety of skin nourishing ingredients, weightless and good moisturizing skin feeling, natural whitening skin without greasy or dry feelings, and will not ball up the subsequent makeup. Please rest assured to use it.


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